The table below includes the list of the 5G NORMA public deliverables.

No Deliverable name Planned Delivery Date
D1.4 Final project and innovation report and evaluation M30 – Dec 2017
D2.1 Use cases, scenarios and requirements M4 – Oct 2015
D2.2 Evaluation methodology and KPIs, evaluation architecture design and socio-economic analysis – intermediate report M14 – Aug 2016
D2.3 Evaluation architecture design and socio- economic analysis – final report M30 – Dec 2017
D3.1 Functional network architecture and security requirements M6 – Dec 2015
D3.2 5G NORMA network architecture – intermediate report M19 – Jan 2017
D3.3 5G NORMA network architecture – final report M27 – Sep 2017
D4.1 RAN architecture components – preliminary concepts M17 – Nov 2016
D4.2 RAN architecture components – final report M24 – Jun 2017
D5.1 Definition of connectivity and QoE/QoS management mechanisms – intermediate report M17 – Nov 2016
D5.2 Definition and specification of connectivity and QoE/QoS management mechanisms – final report M24 – Jun 2017
D6.1 Demonstrator design, implementation and initial set of experiments M16 – Oct 2016
D6.2 Demonstrator design, implementation and final results M29 – Nov 2017
D7.1 Communication and dissemination – intermediate report M12 – Jun 2016
D7.2 Communication and dissemination – final report M30 – Dec 2017
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