Rationale and Objectives

The key objective of the project 5G NORMA is to develop a conceptually novel, adaptive and future-proof 5G mobile network architecture with a clear roadmap towards 3GPP adoption. The architecture is enabling unprecedented levels of network customisability, ensuring stringent performance, security, cost and energy requirements to be met. Relevant to strands “Radio network architecture and technologies” and “Convergence beyond last mile”, the 5G NORMA architecture will provide the necessary adaptability able to efficiently handle the diverse requirements and traffic demand fluctuations resulting from heterogeneous and changing service portfolios.

Not following the ‘one system fits all services’ paradigm of current architectures, 5G NORMA will allow for adapting the mechanisms executed for a given service to the specific service requirements, resulting in a novel service- and context-dependent adaptation of network functions paradigm.

The key objective is achieved through innovations like “multi-service and context-aware adaptation of network functions” and “mobile network multi-tenancy” enabled by novel concepts of “adaptive (de)composition and allocation of mobile network functions”, “software-defined mobile network control”, as well as “joint optimization of mobile access and core network functions.”

The objectives of 5G NORMA have technical, economic, social and energy-efficiency dimensions. They are supported by the technical objectives of 5G NORMA:

  1. Multi-service- and context-aware adaptation of network functions
  2. Mobile network multi-tenancy
  3. Adaptive (de)composition and allocation of mobile network functions
  4. Software-Defined Mobile network Control (SDMC)
  5. Joint optimization of mobile access and core network functions


Fact Sheet

Project name5G Novel Radio Multiservice adaptive network Architecture
Acronym5G NORMA
Project #671584
Timeline1.7.2015 – 31.12.3017
Total Budget7.921.868,75 euros
Manpower799 person months
Project CoordinatorDr Peter Rost
Project OfficerRemy Bayou
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