5G NORMA standardisation strategy

Standards are an excellent way to widely promote the technology advances produced by the project and to strategically position the resulting technologies in the market. Due to its architectural nature, 5G NORMA covers a substantially large number of technologies that are addressed by different standardization bodies, and hence there are a number of opportunities where the innovative 5G NORMA concepts can be introduced.

Some of the most relevant groups are listed in the following:

  • 3GPP: The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is the de-facto leading global standardisation organisation for wireless cellular communication.
  • IETF/IRTF: The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) develops and promotes standards that comprise the Internet protocol suite (TCP/IP).
  • ONF: The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is an organisation promoting the definition of SDN standards and their adoption.
  • NGMN: The Next Generation Mobile Networks will launch projects to drive the development of 5G technology from an operator’s point of view.
  • SCF: The Small Cell Forum (http://www.smallcellforum.org/) is a not-for-profit membership organisation which aims to accelerate small cell adoption.
  • IEEE: The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence.
  • ETSI NFV: ETSI NFV is an international network operator-led Industry Specification Group (ISG), which focuses on the technical challenges of Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV).
  • ETSI MEC: The ISG MEC (Mobile-Edge Computing) ISG is to leverage NFV capabilities within the RAN to provide telco-grade robustness and security, and (ii) to promote the State-of-the-art middleware for highly distributed application environments.

Contributions to Standardisation Bodies

 Standardisation BodyTitleReferenceDatePartners involved
IETFService Function Chaining Dataplane Elements in Mobile Networks
Link 2016/04UC3M
IETFRFC 7864: Proxy Mobile IPv6 Extensions to Support Flow Mobility Link2016/05UC3M
IETFService Function Chaining Service, Subscriber and Host Identification Use Cases and MetadataLink 2016/07DT
IEEE“Standard for Tactile Internet” (position statement document and presentation, given to an invited IEEE Standards Board meeting and approved to move ahead with the formulation of a new standard on 5G)2015/11KCL
IEEEMulti-connectivity architectures supporting Tactile Internet services
(IEEE P1918.1)
3GPP (RAN)Security Requirements for New RadioRP-1612082016/06NEC
3GPP (RAN2)Considerations for Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC) with High Mobility, May 2016R2-1636862016/05Nokia
3GPP (RAN2)Multi-connectivity in standalone NRR2-1636872016/05Nokia
3GPP (RAN3)Key principles for RAN – CN InterfaceR3-160733 2016/04Nokia
3GPP (RAN3)Key Requirements and Principles for Network SlicingR3-160734 2016/04Nokia
3GPP (RAN3)Considerations for RAN architectureR3-160737 2016/04Nokia
3GPP (RAN3)Flexibility of RAN functions through configuration and deploymentR3-161099 2016/05Nokia
3GPP (RAN3)Requirements of Isolation between Network SlicesR3-161358 2016/05Nokia
3GPP (SA1)Service requirement on charging for multi RAT connectionsS1-153008 2015/10NEC
3GPP (SA2)Solution: QoS FrameworkS2-161188 2016/02Nokia
3GPP (SA2)Application Awareness in an End-to-End QoS FrameworkS2-161622 2016/04Nokia
3GPP (SA2)Update to Solution 2.3: Content Aware QoS FrameworkS2-162706 2016/05Nokia
3GPP (SA2)Solution: shared and Dedicated Network Functions for Network SlicingS2-161785 2016/04NEC
3GPP (SA2)Key Issue on Policy FrameworkS2-161238 2016/02Orange, DT, NEC
3GPP (SA2)Network Slice abbreviationS2-162957 2016/05Orange
3GPP (SA2)Update to QoS framework solutionS2-162901 2016/05Orange
3GPP (SA2)Guidelines for defining network function granularityS2-163151 2016/05Orange
BBF (WWC)5G Enablers and RequirementsSD-3732016/06NEC
IETFService Function Chaining Service, Subscriber and Host Identification Use Cases and MetadataLink2016/07DT
ETSI NFVUse Cases Network Service for E2E Enterprise vCPEIFA022, NFVIFA(16)000834r62016/08NEC
ETSI NFVUse case for an Application Function overlaying the NFV ecosystemIFA012, NFVIFA(16)000296r62016/09DT, NEC
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