TELECOM TV: Why 5G NORMA is central to the evolution of telecoms networks

Special Report from 5G NORMA Summer School at King’s College London

Europe’s 5G PPP programme has received €700 million of EU public funding to help advance future network technologies and position Europe and its industries at the centre of the 5G evolution. On top of this, some €3 billion of private money is expected to be invested into the partnership. To date, €125 million has already been allocated across 19 projects in the first phase.

One of these projects is 5G NORMA – novel radio multiservice adaptive network architecture. TelecomTV attended the 5G NORMA Summer School held at King’s College London, which as well as being one of the world’s leading 5G research centres is also a member of the 5G NORMA project. We wanted to learn more about NORMA, its position within the 5G PPP group of projects, and what it hopes to achieve. We also wanted to discover more about how this future network architecture can better serve the needs of vertical industries, and find out how the team at King’s College is already engaging with key commercial sectors.

Featuring comments from:

  • Professor Mischa Dohler, King’s College London
  • Peter Rost, Project Manager, 5G NORMA
  • Simone Redana, Chairman 5G Architecture Working Group, 5G PPP



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