5G NORMA Videos:

2017/10/095G NORMA at the EuCNC – interview with Mark Dolllink
2017/03/305G NORMA @ MWC’17: Software demo by NOMORlink
2016/10/255G NORMA at the EuCNC – interview with Dr. Peter Rostlink
2016/10/255G NORMA Summer School, June 2016, KCLlink
2016/07/02Mischa Dohler: Opening of 5G Summer School (London Tech Week)link
2016/06/30 Peter Rost, Mischa Dohler, Simone Redana: Special Report from 5G NORMA Summer School at King’s College London (Telecom TV)link
2016/06/015G NORMA @ MWC’16: Software demo by NOMORlink
2016/06/015G NORMA @ MWC’16: Hardware demo by AZCOMlink
2016/04/21Simon Fletcher: Engaging with vertical markets for 5G planning (Interview in Telecom TV)link
2015/10/205G NORMA demo videolink
2015/09/10Simone Redana et al.: 5G PPP – The contribution of the 5G PPP projects to 5Glink
2015/07/08Simone Redana: 5GPPP@EuCNC2015 (Interview)link
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